There’s a good chance that either you or somebody you know have some kind of skin problem, and the most common one is acne. And although a large part of the population at some point faces with some form of acne, study shows that almost 40% of them won’t do anything to treat their skin problem. That’s unfortunate because it’s proven that with right product and consistency acne can be cured over time.

It’s also proven that acne can cause stress and anxiety with teens and adults. It’s worth mentioning that although there are countless natural or homemade treatments for acne, there’s a higher chance of succeeding with medical products because they contain antibiotics specially made for skin problems.

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This means that the necessity for successful acne treatment is the right product. The problem is that today’s market has become quite saturated. That’s why we’re going to show you the best acne treatmentĀ in 2018 so you can live a happier life.

Our top pick is Mario Badescu Skin Care Drying Lotion. This product works for all kinds of skin. It contains sulfur, zinc oxide and salicylic acid which will help to dry out your pimples overnight! This product performs really well on whiteheads but inflamed or red breakouts may be treated better with Drying Cream form the same company.

How to use it?

Its simple, before bed, preferably after showering, dip a piece of cotton into pink substance at the bottom of the bottle. Then tap directly on the whiteheads and leave it overnight. You don’t need to cover the spot in the prevention of rubbing the lotion off.

And that’s it! Overnight, your whiteheads should be dried out. Also, an important note is that you shouldn’t shake a bottle nor should put the lotion near the eye area.

We choose this product because it’s really popular, there are plenty of positive review on the web and we tried it ourselves. Give it a try! Discover more..

Author: Sadie Dunhill

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