Types of Residential Construction

When it comes to residential construction, strength and durability are important qualities to ensure that a home can keep standing for many years to come and withstand all the challenges that it is faced like the weather, the heat, the snow, the hailstorms and even hurricanes. While it is important in vying for the external appearance of the house, what most people ignore is the internal composition of the housing unit. There are several techniques and approaches in building a home’s internal structure and there are various materials that can be used in the makeup of one’s home.

Timber Frames

Being one of the most common types of residential home construction, the timber frame construction is a clear-cut approach in building a home. It is one type of wood frame construction that utilizes wooden beams usually large in size but can depend upon the size of the home itself. Between the large wooden beams are narrow timber beams which add support and strength to the overall structure of the home. Housing units made from timber frames often have a section where the frame is exposed.

Readily Manufactured Frames

Prefabricated or readily manufactured frames are also available for homes. These are included in manufactured homes which are constructed on another location on a regulated basis and usually in larger numbers. While there are some homes that utilize partially fabricated wooden panels, there are other homes which utilize a heavier amount of manufactured sections like utilizing parts made from fiberglass, plastic and even fiberboards. One good example of manufactured homes is a mobile home. Prefabricated parts are used and can be delivered to a particular location without being entrapped by a permanent foundation.


Wooden Paneling

While exhibiting certain similarities to timber frames, homes made from wooden panels are different in a sense that they utilize some prefabricated panels. These wooden panels enclose foam insulation within the thinner portions of wood provide strength while also maintaining adequate ventilation and insulation to the home. Just like timber frame homes, wooden panel homes are also prone to rotting due to the infiltration of water, warping and incurring damage from insects like termites and rodents like rats. But being made from a renewable source like timber frame homes, wooden frame homes are less expensive to build compared to homes that heavily use prefabricated parts.

Steel Studs

Wanting strength from the layout of the building, the use of steel stud construction is more common in commercial establishments but can also be utilized in residential structures. The technique in building the home with the use of steel studs is generally the same like that of wooden frame homes and timber homes but the parts made from wood are replaced with steel instead. Resistant to rotting and damage from insects, screws are utilized instead of nails. Load more